Drop Down Now Included In Vertex

This is the S5 Ultimate Drop Down. This is a feature that is seen in several Shape 5 designs. Many have asked how to add to other designs so we decided to build this into the framework so every design from now on will have this functionality. Be sure to read more about this new feature here: Features:

  • Customize almost everything! Shadows, borders, gradient, opacity
  • Contains 6 module positions drop_down_1, drop_down_2, drop_down_3, drop_down_4, drop_down_5 and drop_down_6
  • Auto adjust to the height of your content
  • Set your own open and close text
  • And many more features!
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No More Secrets – Understanding Internet Marketing


How to make the transition from traditional marketing to e-marketing


Internet Marketing Is Not A Secret

Understanding E-Marketing

How to make the transition from traditional marketing to e-marketing

By Jens du Plessis

The idea for this ebook came from a discussion some of had on a marketing forum I belong to.

The discussion revolved around the question “What is Internet Marketing?” and we discussed the why is it that the message isn’t getting to the “average” business out in the “real world.

The purpose of this ebook is to make Internet Marketing more understandable to businesspeople, not involved in it on a regular basis, by relating it to “real world” marketing.

In this book I hope to show that Internet Marketing offers so much more than what is generally understood.

Furthermore, by drawing on the comments and discussions during workshops I’ve run for businesses in South Africa, I hope to show you how that Internet Marketing encompasses strategies and techniques so powerful, strategies and techniques that are not available to the business not involved in Internet Marketing, that it can make a tremendous improvement to your business bottom line.

A comment I often get after workshops is “But why didn’t anyone tell us about this?”

This book serves merely as an overview, a starting point for a steep learning curve that you will embark on in the near future.

Take your time and work through the ebook. At the end you will have discovered so many strategies and techniques that you will wonder where to begin.

Baby Steps.

Start at the easiest to implement, learn about it, implement it and move onto the next one. Work through them one at a time.

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